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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

August 4, 2009

Today I weighed in at 159. Although I haven't been tracking points since May 2nd, I've been able to lose an additional 10 lbs. I've been able to drop from my original size 18 (yes, I'm not afraid to share that!) to a size 12. I feel so much better about myself and I have even gone out in public in a bathing suit! A lot of things have happened since I last posted.

I lost my job due to the lack of available work on May 2nd. I am now a stay at home mom and love each moment. We've had to make a lot of sacrifices and will have to make even more as time goes by.

I turned 30 on June 18th. I know how much harder it is to stay fit as you get older, so I'm really going to need to keep on top of this!

I stopped going to ZUMBA when I stopped working. The gym with ZUMBA was right next to work and very convenient, but since I'm no longer out that way, it just isn't going to work. In addition, the great instructor, Trudi, left the gym and I wasn't wild with the young girls they brought in to replace her!

Addy's been struggling with her eating and vomiting still. We've contacted a new set of doctors that we think are going to be able to help us. We're in the middle of that process, so it's stressful.

I had been planning a trip with my good friend from college, Angie. We drove to Wisconsin to see our favorite band, Dave Matthews Band, at Alpine Valley. We stayed for 2 nights at a campground and saw both nights of concerts. It was an awesome experience and we've decided to make it an annual trip! This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get to see DMB again at Deer Creek in Indy. I only made it to one night of concerts, but met up with a good group of friends from college (Amber, Angie, Jerry, Chris) and some new friends too (Jeremy, Slone, Traci). Next year, I'm planning on going to both nights and camping up there with the group.

I've decided that while I'm so proud of my weight loss so far, I really need to get back on track. I'm hoping to lose the additional weight before the concerts next year! It's certainly obtainable and reasonable.

I'm having to make more of an effort to get personal time now that I'm a stay at home mom, so I'm going to strive to make greater connections with friends and to explore my surroundings. I need to enjoy the wonderful life I have and live it to the fullest.

So, here's to inspiration!