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Sunday, August 1, 2010

August 1, 2010

I'm totally grossed out that I let myself gain a bunch of weight back. I think at this time last year I was about 157 and now I'm 173. EWWW! I'm not making excuses, but I need to recognize my weaknesses, so I'm putting them out there...
1. Have to keep high calorie, high fat foods in the house for Addy, my daughter, and because she's doing feeding therapy and such, we have to eat when she eats... and it works better to eat the same foods she is eating. But, that doesn't mean I NEED to eat her OREO cakesters after she goes to bed, right!?
2. I crave sweets then salty, then sweet then salty... it's a cycle I need to break.
3. For some reason, the hormonal food cravings are out of control. Every month, it never fails, I've been experiencing cravings that don't end for at least a whole week. Seems like I can't get full. So I eat. I need to get this under control, pronto!
4. I don't eat too much during the day, but once Addy goes to bed, I hover in the kitchen. I need to find something else productive to occupy my time.

So, it's Sunday, August 1st and no time like the present to get back on track. I did some grocery shopping yesterday to help stock the house with healthy foods too. Dinners are going to be tough for me, as Nick's schedule is such that he doesn't get home for dinner at the same time each day. Sometimes it's 5, sometimes it's 9. Makes it hard. I need to figure something out. School is starting soon for Addy, and she'll be doing preschool on MWF and therapy on T & TH. That will put more structure into our schedule, so I hope this new start will be a good one.

I calculated my points, and apparently, I'm allowed 23 points a day. This should be easy! I need to find some sweet snacks and some salty snacks that are low points. I think a typical day might look like this:
Breakfast - yogurt, fruit, mini bagel
Lunch - cottage cheese, fat free chips, veggie
Dinner - ??? I've got a bunch of good WW recipes to cook, I just need to get a menu plan together.
Snacks - popcorn, skinny cow ice cream sandwiches, fruit, string cheese, rice cakes

Anyone else have some great meal ideas?

Monday, March 15, 2010

March 15, 2010

So, I lost about 30 pounds last spring/summer. I felt so much better about a lot of things. This winter has been a rough one. Very stressful. Lots of struggles. Lots of boredom. When I'm stressed or bored, I eat. I watch TV and I eat. I wish I didn't, but it's true. I gained about 7 of those 30 pounds back, and while I'm still fitting into my size 12 jeans, they are getting a bit snug! Since I'm planning a 5-7 day hike this September with my mom on the Appalachian Trail, I NEED to get in better shape. I also have 4 concerts this summer to attend, so I'd like to be able to wear some cute clothes and be comfortable in them, and take pictures with my friends that I'm not ashamed of! So, I am getting ready to make a re-commitment to myself. I've got about a weeks worth of regular food left from my last grocery shopping trip, so I'll use that all up and then start shopping for healthier choices. One reason it's been difficult: Addy is starting to eat regular foods now, so we have high calorie type foods in the house for her. Foods I should NOT be eating, but it's what moms do... if the kid doesn't finish her mac n cheese, mom finishes it, as to not let it go to waste! So, I'll have to build up some will power to fight the mommy urge! :) I'm going to be adjusting my menu plan and shopping lists and recipe bank. Please feel free to share some of your favorite recipes with me. I'm especially interested in frugal recipes, as to try to keep our grocery budget down at $40 a week, which is what we've been working with the last couple years.

So, today's weigh in: 167
I'll be back to post, maybe daily after I get started next week.